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Our Platform

Prospective Customers who wish to test the ASET application may submit an application email by selecting the REQUEST TRIAL menu and downloading the ASET PLATFORM below.

Capital Market is a rapidly growing investment alternative in today’s globalization era. The capital market allows investors to invest by trading in the stock exchange. Listed companies can use the proceeds from the offering in the stock exchange as a potential source of funding for the company development in the future.

As one of the securities company in Indonesia, PT Artha Sekuritas Indonesia connects issuers to investors in the capital market through its brokerage service, which covers stock as well as debt securities.

Stock Securities Trading

As a stock-trading broker, PT Artha Sekuritas Indonesia provides services for stock trading activities, including:

  • Customer account bookkeeping
  • Customer relationship evaluation
  • Customer background data collection
  • Relationship maintenance with customers and other brokerage firms
  • Customer subscription receipt and confirmation delivery
  • Customer billing and payment
  • Accurate investment information and recommendation

The sub-division is divided into two supporting departments, the Marketing Department and Subscription & Trading Department.

Marketing Department

Subscription & Trading Department

The Subscription & Trading Department is in charge of the receipt of customer subscription from the Marketing Department and the submission of such subscription to the Stock Exchange. The Department is also in charge of the printing and delivery of written confirmation to the customers and trading limit checking for every customer at any time.

Debt Instrument Trading

The sub-division serves active customers in the debt securities market, such as Government and Private Bonds or alternative instruments such as Shares based Collaterral Repo (Repurchase Agreement) and Medium Term Notes. We can act as an arranger / counter-party / even underwriting the instrument's inception on investment banking division.