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Online Trading

Our Platform

Prospective Customers who wish to test the ASET application may submit an application email by selecting the REQUEST TRIAL menu and downloading the ASET PLATFORM below.

ASET ( Artha Sekuritas Electronic Trading )

Today, online trading is a simple and affordable investment alternative in which the Internet allows the customers to manage their investment in real time, anywhere and any time.

PT Artha Sekuritas Indonesia offers online trading services that utilize the application ASET ( Artha Sekuritas Electronic Trading ), which is developed to accommodate online stock trading.

With the rapid market fluctuation, many individuals opt for online trading to increase the value of their financial assets.

No Space and Time Restriction

Use of Margin and Leverage

The use of margin and position leverage allows for lower initial cost. Under the margin system, a large capital is not required due to the higher trading limit that is adjusted to the value of security, ratio, and haircut in accordance with the provisions of the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

Maximum Profit

Maximum profit with faster return. Higher market volatility opens up opportunity for infinite gain.