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Platform ASET

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Prospective Customers who wish to test the ASET application may submit an application email by selecting the REQUEST TRIAL menu and downloading the ASET PLATFORM below.

Artha Sekuritas Electronic Trading

Today, online trading is a simple and affordable investment alternative. The Internet allows the customers to manage their investment in real time, anywhere and anytime.

PT Artha Sekuritas Indonesia offers online trading services that utilize the application ASET (Artha Sekuritas Electronic Trading), which is developed to accommodate online stock trading. The application offers several advantages, including :

  • User Friendly
  • Real time buy-sell transactions
  • Simple and convenient transaction that is accessible anytime and anywhere
  • High-level transaction security
  • Market information facility that provides the latest information on stock development in capital market
  • Self-analysis facility using the charting tools (Technical Analysis)

Prospective customers can test the ASET application through :

Account Registration

Request for Test Form

Submit a request for an Online Trading application test to our Customer Service

Download the Software

Download the ASET application

Test Time Limit

The application test availability period is 30 days